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Wellness BINGO

May is time for some wellbeing fun! We have a Wellness BINGO game going on for the entire month of May so grab your Wellness BINGO card and get to completing the tasks that match up with your wellbeing goals. Once you complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row then you are eligible to submit […]

National Apprentice Week 2020

National Apprenticeship Week was founded six years ago by the Department of Labor to give companies the chance to recognize their program of Apprentices and give more attention to the opportunities that are available to their employees. All week long, we will be giving special announcements and shout-outs through social media. To kick things off, […]

Stress the Silent Culprit

Constant stress is annoying all by its self, but did you ever consider that constant stress could be contributing to disease? It can and does if the stress becomes chronic. Below are several ways that chronic stress can contribute to disease processes in the body: When we are stressed the body produces adrenaline so that […]

Financial Well-being

I don’t know about you, but I was thrown into my adulthood with no real knowledge of how to manage my finances and I made some costly mistakes. My guess is most of you have had little guidance on personal finances or what it means to have financial well-being. The lack of financial well-being can […]

Super-hydrating Foods – It’s What’s for Lunch!

    This article comes from a Toolbox Talk created by the Safety Team. As we already know, Summer and the heat that goes along with it is on its way. Along with the heat comes humidity which can make a 90º day feel more like 105º. There are charts that help us to determine what the […]

What Does Stress Got to Do With It?

Some sort of stress is a fact of daily life but it’s how we deal with the stress that can have a negative effect on us. This infographic from Stress.org shows the many ways that chronic stress can negatively effect our wellbeing. To prevent stress from taking over and causing issues, practice stress reduction techniques […]

Longbow Industries Announces Succession Plan

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Telehealth Connection

Not all healthcare situations require an in-person doctors visit. Through Cigna’s Telehealth Connection service, you can access a board-certified doctor via a video chat or phone call. Telehealth Connection service can be utilized for the following conditions: ·       Acne ·       Allergies ·       Cold & Flu ·       Fevers ·       Headaches ·       Rashes ·       Sore Throats ·       […]

Chronic Condition Coaching – Cigna

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition Cigna will connect you with a dedicated contact to help you. They can help with: ·       Managing your chronic condition ·       Create a plan to improve your health ·       Help you understand medications and doctor’s orders ·       Identify triggers that affect your condition   Conditions […]

Man Therapy and Cigna EAP for Mental Health

Mental Health Resources LPR Construction recognizes that life can be stressful and as such we’d like to supply you with resources that can assist you with stress management and the side effects of chronic stress such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse. LPR believes that the mental and physical health of our employees is invaluable, […]

2018 Top Places To Work Award Winner

Click on the image to see the full release - 2018 Top Places To Work Award LPR Construction2018 Top Places To Work Award Winner

Press Release 3/9/2018


Committed to Safety: Active Aggressor Training

Oct. 1, 2017: Fifty-eight people were killed when a man opened fire on a crowd at a music festival in Las Vegas from a hotel room. July 1, 2017: 28 people were hurt when someone opened fire in a nightclub in Little Rock, Arkansas. Police believe it may have been gang related. June 30, 2017: […]

LPR Boasts 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees Chairman, Rocky Turner

LPR and Longbow Industries are proud to boast that our CEO, Rocky Turner, has been appointed Chairman of the 2018 Board of NCCER Trustees. LPR’s continued commitment to a cutting-edge apprentice program for our ironworkers, as well as other trades, facilitates our continued commitment to being both an NCCER Assessment Center and a Training Center. […]

Celebrating Results

Written by Pat Hagan, Director of Safety LPR/Longbow LPR Construction is proud to announce our achievement in Total Recordable Incident Rate Reduction for yearend 2017. We completed the year with a TRIR of 0.38. Although we realize that recordable rates are a “Lagging” indicator, we believe our success is deeply rooted in our LPR Core […]

Suicide Prevention Resources

Feelings of loneliness, despair, and inadequacy can lead us to a dark place but these feelings do not define you. There is always brighter days, people who need you, and solutions to your darkest moments. If you or a loved one has thoughts of suicide or are in a crisis you just can’t imagine an […]

Employee Assistance Program

As an employee of LPR or LBI you are eligible to participate in the Cigna Employee Assistance Program. Through the EAP you can get extra support for handling life’s demands. Call for guidance or a referral to a service in your community on topics such as: Financial Services & Referral. Receive a 30-minute free consultation […]

Prescription Drug Abuse and Dependence

This information comes to you from Cigna Drug Abuse and Dependence RX Drug Abuse Recreation use of prescription drugs is a serious and growing problem, national studies now indicate that a teen is more likely to abuse a prescription drug than an illegal street drug. Which RX drugs might be a problem? Drugs that are […]

Coconut Curry Split Pea Soup

Soup is a great way to eat healthy even on the job site. Most soups only require a chopping board to cut up your veggies and one pot to cook the soup. You can make a couple different large batches of soup and  freeze some for a different week. Heat some soup in the morning […]

Thyme for Cold and Flu Season

It is cold and flu season. If you get a cold or the flu or want to do what you can to prevent getting one, the herb thyme is your friend. Thyme has antiviral, antibiotic, antimicrobial, decongestant, expectorant and rejuvenative properties that help fight off or reduce the time you are laid up with a […]

Work Safe, Live Safe, Stay Safe: ‘Struck By’

Work Safe, Live Safe, Stay Safe: ‘Struck By’ In the construction industry, falls, followed by ‘struck by’ are two of the leading incidents. Most of the time, when discussing ‘struck by’ incidents, we automatically think about someone getting hit by a piece of equipment such as a forklift, excavator or other equipment. However, that is […]

Safety and Wellness “Accelerated Schedules”

Construction: Safety and Wellness “Accelerated Schedules” At a recent frontline supervisor training specifically dedicated to leading ‘safety’ as a foreman or leadman, we discussed the relationship between an accelerated schedule and site safety.  No matter how great the site leadership, how knowledgeable the site safety managers or how engaged the craft worker, there can’t help […]

Technology and Social Media: Powerful Tools for LPR

The construction industry has the reputation of being a hard hat, hands-on, trade specific and ‘blue collar’ business.  Many ironworkers, when asked why they do the work they do, will talk about a time when they started as a laborer, got up on some steel, and they were hooked.  One of our apprentices who just […]

Using an LMS as a Tool in your Construction Training Belt

A Google search for Learning Management Systems (LMS) best practices can best be described as a vendor list of sales pitches describing technology tools that will revolutionize any training program. Use ‘our’ system and “…build your workforce’s skills, strengthen your core competencies and gain new ones…”  Sounds good.  Where do we sign up?  Who are […]

What I Learned During our VPP Audit

What I Learned During our VPP Audit The word ‘audit’ sparks fear or at least gets our attention.  The very definition, “an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body” causes us to reflect on our practices, review our belief systems and evaluate our commitment to a particular value or […]

An Innovative Approach to Craft Training

“Each dollar invested in craft training can yield $1.30 to $3.00 in benefits through increased productivity and reductions in turnover, absenteeism and rework.” This quote from an article in The Cornerstone: A Construction Publication for Workforce Development Professionals challenges all of us as we work to create training, and provide training opportunities, for our Craft […]

Welcome to the LPR Construction Blog!

Welcome to the LPR Construction Blog! At LPR, we are committed to not only providing the best steel erection and industrial services to our customers, but we also believe that sharing best practices, providing thought leadership and understanding industry and employment trends will benefit us all.  With the national unemployment rate for the construction industry […]

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