• 128’ tall x 800 ft long, 7400 tons, 166,500sf
  • Mobilization to completion:  9 months
  • Main floor and a VIP mezzanine
  • Large rolled trussed at both end with “seamless” connections with parabolic curved roof covered with glass and metal cladding panels
  • Site – narrow, next to water
  • Engineering – wind loads, stability throughout construction.  Project was erected through hurricane season.
  • Some of the columns were over 50 tons each – trusses 20 ft deep and 85 ft long x 55 tons each
  • Trusses were shop fabricated, barged down Intracoastal Waterway to Miami. No crane between site and water, barges unloaded on cargo side of port. Transported to storage yard and trucked in individually.
  • 1500 pieces of rolled wide flange members


Fort Lauderdale, FL



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